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Off grid solar system

Off grid solar system

Off-grid Solar PV System Station 50KW Energy Storage for EU

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Introducing the off-grid photovoltaic system station energy that is 50KW from the world-renowned brand GIFTSUN. This state-of-the-art system is created specifically to provide you with clean and power this is certainly dependable houses and businesses across the EU which can be wanting to be self-sufficient and lower their carbon impact.

The beauty of this PV that is off-grid are solar station is in its convenience. It is comprised of solar power panels that convert sunlight into electricity, that could be then saved into the charged power storage product. This energy might be properly used once the sunlight isn't shining by powering within the inverter. Having its capability that is 50KW's enough to change on homes and small enterprises with simplicity.

One of many key top options that come with this functional system may be the fact it is entirely independent of the energy grid that it is off-grid, this means. This implies users will not experience any power outages or bills that are sky-high rendering it a investment that is fantastic those trying to find long-lasting cost savings. This method can be a breeze to set up, which means you will never have to concern yourself with expensive installation costs.

The energy storage device is made to endure for a relatively good time, because of its construction this is certainly sturdy and materials. Additionally it is designed with a battery pack this is certainly sensible system that ensures maximised performance and durability. Which means you'll be able to enjoy a number of years of dependable service using this functional system without the maintenance worries.

GIFTSUN has received care that is ensure that is additional this off-grid photovoltaic system station is safe and sound to utilize. The equipment is created with top-quality materials that meet all security that is relevant. Users may be confident that their investment is operating and protected safely.

Finally, it really is well worth mentioning that this system that is operational highly efficient, having a conversion rate as high as 98%. Which means the the greater part of this energy generated by the panels being solar saved to the energy storage device, which is then used to power domiciles and businesses. This effectiveness translates to price this is certainly significant over time.

Product Description
Off-grid Solar PV System Station 50KW  Energy Storage for EU supplier
Solar Panel

Support the design of other power systems, professional design, reasonable selection of accessories
Solar Panel

Utility Voltage Range
 50/45-55HZ; 60/55-65HZ

Data Monitor
Wifi Monitor / 4G Terminal Monitor

Solar Battery Packs
Lithium Battery Packs BMS/MBMS/EMS Protection ; 2V GEL/ OPzV Batteries Optional

Battery Racks
Customized based on different battery type

DC Cable

Installation Brackets
Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Hot-dip Galvanized Steel,Ground Screw Mounting, Adjustable Brackets, Solar Tracker.

Installation Site
Color Steel Tile / Tin Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, Cement Ground, Soil Ground, Carport,etc

Installation Tools
Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper, Multi-Meter, Insulating gloves/covering etc

For installation manual, technical datasheet, please contact: +86 18656075350(whatsapp)

Off-grid Solar PV System Station 50KW  Energy Storage for EU details
Off-grid Solar PV System Station 50KW  Energy Storage for EU factory
Off-grid Solar PV System Station 50KW  Energy Storage for EU supplier
Q1:What dose the solar system packing include?
All the major and  solar-specific components are included in the packa:
Solar panel
●  Solar inverter
●  Batteries and connection  & communication wires(for off-grid,and hybrid system)
●  Solar panel mounting hardware (customized to your case)
●  DC combiner box(if inverter requires)
●  4mm² DC cables and MC4 connectors to connect the solar array to the inverter
●  IP65 DC disconnect switch between the solar strings and the inverter
●  DC Breaker between the inverter and the battery
●  Solar installations tools
Q2:What is the warranty of the products?
●  Solar panel: 15 years warranty for defects, 30 years guarantee on linear power out
●  Inverter: 5 years
●  Battery: 5 years for lithium batteries, 2-3 years for gel battery
●  Mounting hardware: 10 years