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Off grid solar system

Off grid solar system

Home Off Grid Power System

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A reliable and brand that is efficient provides an amazing method to power your property up along with its Home Off Grid Power System. This technique this is certainly amazing you produce neat and power that is dependable any concern yourself with the ability outages, grid-tied utilities, or high energy bills.
Includes most of the components that are mandatory assure seamless electricity supply, also during normal disasters or emergencies. You need perhaps never be impacted by the electricity this is certainly old-fashioned, while you're in a position to produce power this is certainly yours the sunlight.
The merchandise is sold with durable and panels that are lasting are manufactured to recapture the sunlight's power and change it into electricity effortlessly. These panels are actually an easy task to install which will be attached with your premise's roof, shed, or any other spot where they could get sunshine this is certainly direct.
Your home Off Grid Power System includes an electric battery which could keep power that is sufficient power your home for the couple times to hold the vitality produced through the panels. Battery pack power was created to withstand climate this is certainly harsh and will talk with other energy sources, love wind generators or generators which are hydro to enhance its ability.
One of the many significant advantages is you save yourself an amount that is considerable off on your power bills, so it helps. With this specific method, you will end up self-sufficient and energy that is generate is enough power your home and even contribute some excess electricity back again to the grid.
Moreover, the true home off Grid Power System is eco-friendly and assists in easing carbon emissions, rendering it an item that is ideal those concerned with the surroundings. The panels one of these systems are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability that is long-lasting, and they've got a warranty this is certainly 25-year.

Product Description
Home Off Grid Power System details
Solar Panel

Support the design of other power systems, professional design, reasonable selection of accessories
Solar Panel

Utility Voltage Range
 50/45-55HZ; 60/55-65HZ

Data Monitor
Wifi Monitor / 4G Terminal Monitor

Solar Battery Packs
Lithium Battery Packs BMS/MBMS/EMS Protection ; 2V GEL/ OPzV Batteries Optional

Battery Racks
Customized based on different battery type

DC Cable

Installation Brackets
Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Hot-dip Galvanized Steel,Ground Screw Mounting, Adjustable Brackets, Solar Tracker.

Installation Site
Color Steel Tile / Tin Pitched Roof, Flat Roof, Cement Ground, Soil Ground, Carport,etc

Installation Tools
Wire Cable Cutter & Stripper, Multi-Meter, Insulating gloves/covering etc

For installation manual, technical datasheet, please contact: +86 18656075350(whatsapp)

Home Off Grid Power System supplier
Home Off Grid Power System details
Home Off Grid Power System manufacture
Q1:What dose the solar system packing include?
All the major and  solar-specific components are included in the packa:
Solar panel
●  Solar inverter
●  Batteries and connection  & communication wires(for off-grid,and hybrid system)
●  Solar panel mounting hardware (customized to your case)
●  DC combiner box(if inverter requires)
●  4mm² DC cables and MC4 connectors to connect the solar array to the inverter
●  IP65 DC disconnect switch between the solar strings and the inverter
●  DC Breaker between the inverter and the battery
●  Solar installations tools
Q2:What is the warranty of the products?
●  Solar panel: 15 years warranty for defects,30 years guarantee on linear power out
●  Inverter: 5 years
●  Battery: 5 years for lithium batteries,2-3 years for gel battery
●  Mounting hardware: 10 years