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Inverter Single Phase Hybrid Solar System

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Launching the Inverter Single Phase Hybrid Solar System, the addition this is certainly newest to your GIFTUN household! This effective and revolutionary system brings you the finest of both globes by combining some great benefits of solar energy and electricity that is old-fashioned.

The Inverter Single Phase Hybrid Solar System is really an answer that is home that is perfect who want to reduce their carbon footprint and spend less on energy costs. This method enables you to create your own electricity that is personal solar panel systems and shop it in a battery for later use with its advanced technology. The equipment is built to work seamlessly together with your infrastructure that is existing that electric giving you uninterrupted power throughout the year.

Installing associated with the machine is not hard, because of the look this is certainly user-friendly. Simply link the solar energy panels to the inverter along with the battery power, and set that is you’re! The device is wholly autonomous, which means you don't need to be concerned about complex wiring or the requirement for specialized maintenance.

Among the standout highlights of this system is its power administration this is certainly smart system. The inverter constantly scans the charged power consumption pattern in the home and immediately adjusts the charged power supply to meet your needs. Which means excess power from the panels that could be solar perhaps not wasted but rather is used to power your home devices.

The Inverter Single Phase Hybrid Solar System normally laden up with a energy that is back-up, which helps to ensure that you'll always have electricity during extended power outages. The battery that is advanced used in this process guarantees an lifespan that is extended ensuring you obtain value for the money.

The Inverter Single Phase Hybrid Solar System can easily make a impact that is substantial your regular bills utilizing the increasing price of electricity. Not merely might you save money, you shall be resulting in the preservation of your planet's natural resources. These devices are made to own low impact that is ecological is manufactured with eco-friendly materials.

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Operating temperature

Nighttime power consumption


Nature convection

Protection degree

Relative humidity

DC connection

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Interfaces: RS485/USB/Wi-Fi/GPRS/RF/LAN

Warranty: 5 years/10 years