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Hybird solar system

Hybird solar system

50kw Hybrid Solar System

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Introducing the 50kw Hybrid Solar System – the solution is energy efficiency that perfect. Our hybrid system is solar the advantages of solar energy and electricity to give you reliable and power is sustainable. This system can power large homes, small businesses, and also industrial settings with a capacity that is 50kw.

The building blocks of this system that is hybrid our top-notch panels that are solar. The panels were created to recapture as sunlight that is significantly possible and convert it into electricity. These panels could be installed in any location with access to sunlight, making it an option that is excellent people staying in areas with high radiation that is solar.

The unit possesses battery pack back-up that stores the vitality that is extra through the panel that is solar. This feature that is particular is specific you do have a power that is constant, also yet in the big event of energy outages or during durations of low sunlight. Also, the device has a inverter that is allows that are grid-connect to utilize energy from both the panel that is solar together with grid.

Installing can be a procedure that is straightforward doesn't require any wiring that is gear that is extra. Many of us of expert specialists will manage the installation procedure, making sure all things that are plain working effectively. The machine possesses a control is easy-to-use that enables one to monitor your power usage and see how power that is significantly been produced by the power that is solar.

Our hybrid that is system that is 50kw solar a few advantages over antique power systems. Firstly, you'll be able to save yourself a quantity that is significant of by yourself energy bills by cutting your reliance on traditional electricity. Next, you'll be including towards the surroundings that are environmental cutting your carbon impact. Our panels that are solar manufactured utilizing the technology that is latest, ensuring that they're durable and green.

The Hybrid that is Solar that is 50kw is for businesses are searching to go green and reduce their power expenses. It really is also suitable for households that want to cut their carbon footprint back and save money on energy bills. Contact us today, and we will be delighted to offer you information that is additional our Hybrid Solar that is 50kw System.

Product Description
50kw Hybrid Solar System factory
50kw Hybrid Solar System factory
50kw Hybrid Solar System factory
For example: 1Set 50KW Hybrid Solar System
Solar Inverter
DEYE 50KW Three phase 400V
High-Voltage Lithium Battery Pack
High Voltage 25.6kwh
Solar Panel
Mono 420w 108 cells all black
PV Combiner Box
DC 8in 8out
PV Cable-Module to DC Combiner
MC4 Compatiable
PV Tools
Roof Bracket
Need roof details to check

Hybrid Three Phase Inverters
☆ 100% unbalanced output, each phase;
☆ higher effificiency;
☆ Max. charging/discharging current of 100A; ☆ AC couple to retrofifit existing solar system;
☆ Max 10 pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid
☆ Support multiple batteries parallel
50kw Hybrid Solar System factory
50kw Hybrid Solar System supplier

Monitoring System
Open station supports one-click installation and registration Problem support one-click dispatch and navigation
Safe operation, traceable logs, etc

Support full lifecycle data storage to ensure data security and reliability

Floor Installation

1. DOD:90%

2. Cycle Life:≥6000

3. Warranty:5 Years

4. Communication Port:CAN/ RS485

☆ Easy to install
☆ Safe and reliable
☆ Intelligent control System
☆ Simple operation
50kw Hybrid Solar System factory
50kw Hybrid Solar System factory

Full Black Solar Panel

☆ Power range 360-420w; ☆ Higher output power;

☆ Less shading and lower resistive loss;

☆ Lower LCOE;

☆ Better mechanichnical loading tolerance;
Mounting Brackets
☆ Customized design with CAD drawing; ☆ Flexible roof ground mount system;
☆ Significant savings;
☆ Compatible with most modules;
☆ Static reliability;
☆ Maximum service life;
50kw Hybrid Solar System supplier
50kw Hybrid Solar System details

PV Tools And Accessories

☆ PV Cable-Module to DC Combiner 1x4mm2; ☆ 5 In and 8 Out PV Combiner Box;
☆ MC4 spanner;
☆ PV tools etc.;
50kw Hybrid Solar System supplier
Packing & Delivery
50kw Hybrid Solar System details