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GIFTSUN Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries are designed to meet the need this is certainly increasing reliable power storage space solutions for off-grid solar powered energy systems. These batteries are specifically made to help keep power produced by solar panel systems throughout the for use at night or during cloudy days day.

The GIFTSUN Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries will come in an array of sizes and capacities to complement energy this is certainly demands that are significantly diffent. They have been made from top-quality materials and a design that is robust assures durability and reliability. The batteries include high level safety features such as for example overcharge security, short circuit protection, and high-temperature security to be sure safe and operation that is dependable.

The batteries are really easy to install and continue maintaining, having a screen this is certainly user-friendly provides real-time home elevators battery status and performance. Also built with a battery pack that is high-rate system that optimizes battery power performance and prolongs battery life. The batteries are made to provide performance that is maximum in harsh conditions, making them use that is appropriate remote locations and challenging environments.

One of the most significant key benefits of GIFTSUN Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries is their low-to-zero maintenance demands. These batteries are created to provide performance that is reliable some time now with minimal maintenance, making them an ideal investment for clients in search of a energy storage solution that is economical. The batteries can also be eco-friendly, because they are made from non-toxic materials that may be easily recycled at the last end of the service life.

Product Description
Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries manufacture
Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries supplier
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Nominal Voltage
Cell Per Unit
Design Life
15 Years
Float Charging Voltage
13.6 V~13.8 V @ 25°C
Temperature Compensation: -20mV/°C/Cell
Cycle Use Voltage
14.4 V~14.9 V @ 25°C
Cycle Use Voltage
Temperature Compensation: -30mV/°C/Cell
Operating Temperature Range
Discharge: -20°C~60°C
Charge: 0°C~50°C
Storage: -20°C~60°C
Lead Acid Solar Power Batteries supplier