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GIFTSUN's Micro Solar On Grid Inverter is a effective and item that is dependable allows you to generate clean energy from the sunlight. This Inverter is good for domestic and commercial settings, that makes it an choice this is certainly ideal property owners, companies, and institutions.

One of many benefits of the Micro Solar On Grid Inverter is its compact size. The inverter is powerful sufficient to generally meet with your energy needs despite its tiny size. This compact size does effortlessly mean it may fit into areas which are tight making it well suited for installation in tiny domiciles or offices.

The inverter's reliability is another standout feature. It is designed to withstand weather this is certainly extreme, which means that it might continue to produce clean power even in tough conditions. This reliability is a must for areas that experience interruptions in grid power.

The Micro Solar On Grid Inverter can be easy to also install and create. Both electricians and users can quickly configure the inverter to come up with power with GIFTSUN's intuitive interface. The installation this is certainly straightforward could possibly be finished in minimal time, rendering it a economical choice for home owners and businesses.

Another great purpose of the inverter is different panel that is solar to its compatibility. GIFTSUN implies that the inverter works seamlessly with various solar power panels brands, which maximizes the effectiveness associated with the whole system that is solar. This versatility ensures you need, without fretting about compatibility problems that you are able to find the solar power systems.

The inverter can also be made with safety in your mind. An assortment is had as a result of it of safety features that protect both the inverter and users. As an example, the inverter has an overvoltage security system, which protects it from surges that could take place within the grid.

Product Description
Micro Solar On Grid Inverter details
Micro Solar On Grid Inverter details
Input | DC
Recommended PV Module Power Range /W
600 x 2
MPPT Voltage Range /V
Startup Voltage /V
Max. Input Voltage /V
Max. Input Current /A
17 x 2
Overvoltage Protection Category
Output | AC
Peak Output Power /VA
Max. Continous Output Power /VA
Rated Output Voltage /V
Nominal Output Voltage Range /V
Max. Continous Output Current /A
Nominal Frequency / Range /Hz
50 / Configurable
Power Factor (Nominal/Adjustable Range)
1.0/0.9 leading…0.9 lagging
AC Short Circuit Fault Current Over 3 cycles /Arms
THDi@Rated Power
Max. Units per 20A Branch
Overvoltage Protection Category
Peak Efficiency
MPPT Efficiency
Night Power Consumption /mW
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Micro Solar On Grid Inverter details
Micro Solar On Grid Inverter details
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Micro Solar On Grid Inverter factory