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GIFTSUN Power Batteries would be the solution that is saving electricity that is perfect. These batteries are made to offer dependable and energy this is certainly efficient you need to use for various applications. The higher level technology found in the manufacturing of those batteries helps to make sure that these are generally extremely efficient in transforming and electricity that is saving.

GIFTSUN Power Batteries are trusted by many property owners, organizations, and facilities being commercial the planet. They're manufactured from high-quality materials being durable, dependable, and durable. These batteries are designed to reduce power costs, increase energy effectiveness, and provide backup this is certainly dependable whenever needed.

One of the best reasons for GIFTSUN energy Batteries is that they're user-friendly and effortless to setup. These batteries can be set up in just about any location without checking out excessively room with their compact and lightweight design. They come with clear and directions that are easy-to-understand making sure even new users can install these with simplicity.

Another function this is certainly impressive of Power Batteries is their long lifespan. These batteries are developed to final for quite some time, providing reliable and power that is efficient over a period this is certainly very long. The technology that is advanced within their production means that they keep their performance even with extended use.

GIFTSUN Power Batteries are green and safe. They've been manufactured from non-toxic materials being safe for use and never emit toxins which could be harmful. They're also recyclable, making sure they do not play a role in air pollution that is environmental their useful lifespan.

Product Description
Power Batteries For Store Electricity manufacture
Power Batteries For Store Electricity factory
Place of Origin
Business Type
Nominal Voltage
Cell Per Unit
Design Life
15 Years
Float Charging Voltage
13.6 V~13.8 V @ 25°C
Temperature Compensation: -20mV/°C/Cell
Cycle Use Voltage
14.4 V~14.9 V @ 25°C
Cycle Use Voltage
Temperature Compensation: -30mV/°C/Cell
Operating Temperature Range
Discharge: -20°C~60°C
Charge: 0°C~50°C
Storage: -20°C~60°C
Power Batteries For Store Electricity manufacture