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Bifacial PV Modules: The Incredible Solar Innovation

If you are a fan of solar powered energy, maybe you are familiar with conventional photovoltaic (PV) modules, also the GIFTSUN's product such as battery storage for solar pv. They truly are the flat, rectangular panels that take in natural sunlight and convert them into electricity. But there is a new kind taking the solar world by storm - Bifacial PV modules.

What Are Bifacial PV Modules?

Bifacial PV modules are a kind of solar panel which could collect energy from both sides, identical to solar power inverters for home use created by GIFTSUN. Traditional PV modules only capture energy from the side that faces the sun. bifacial PV modules, on the other hand, can collect energy from both sides by just using a special coating the panel that will also absorb sunshine.

Why choose GIFTSUN Bifacial pv modules?

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