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Bifacial mono perc

Get to know Bifacial Mono Perc – The Future of Solar Panels

1. What is bifacial mono perc?

Bifacial mono perc is a type or kind of solar power that can produce electricity from both edges. That means it more cost-effective than traditional mono facial solar panel systems that it can absorb sunlight from the front and back, making. It uses mono crystalline technologies to come up with energy, also more cost-effective than polycrystalline technology. This GIFTSUN bifacial photovoltaic modules innovation is quickly becoming the preferred type of power for residential and industrial employ.

2. Advantages Of Bifacial Mono Perc

One related to majoradvantages solar panels is their greater energy production. They could capturethe energy from both relative sides of the panel, making them more effective ingenerating electricity. This, in turn, can cause lowered electricity and adecrease in our reliance upon nonrenewable energy sources.

An additionalbenefit of using bifacial mono perc panels is the durability. These GIFTSUN bifacial photovoltaic panels aremade to become more resistant to harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and alsohailstorms. Additionally, their design provides better performance in low-lightconditions, creating them ideal for areas with less sunlight.

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